my Emergency

my Emergency will help you prepare for emergency situations using common-sense strategies and guidance.

We live in an ever-changing and often times dangerous world. From natural disasters to man-made calamities, the chances are high that we will be affected by an emergency situation at some point. It's truly important that we learn how to be prepared now.

Consider that during an emergency water and food may be in short supply or unavailable from our normal sources. Natural gas and electric service can be out for days or weeks. Telephone, internet, cellular and other communication systems may be overloaded.

Things we rely on like Postal mail and regular trash collection could be disrupted or halted altogether. Gasoline could be in short supply and it's entirely possible that rationing could be implemented.

History shows us that these and other not-so-pleasant disruptions to services we've come to rely on can happen at any time.

What if our banks and credit unions have to limit services, making it harder to get cash - would you be ready for that? Grocery stores, drug stores, hardware and convenience stores will quickly run out of everything we will need during an emergency.

The 911 system may become overloaded and emergency personnel could be unable to respond. Hospitals, emergency rooms, and other medical facilities can easily become overwhelmed.

Considering all this, it makes sense to get ready well before something happens. Think about it, why do we wait until bad things happen to do something? We are so dependant on things running smoothly in our society that we have forgotten how to be prepared. We are totally reactionary when we should be thinking ahead and taking the initiative to plan for our welfare in adverse situations.

my Emergency strives to provide the critical knowledge that may become your best source for emergency preparedness information.

Let's start by thinking about what potential disasters or emergencies might happen in your area. Condsidering we could all face an act of terrorism, a natural disaster, disease outbreak, or other emergency, it just makes sense to learn and become prepared beforehand.

We offer suggestions on how to make your home safe and secure from break in. We’ll review all the emergency essentials you’ll want to have on hand and why. We’ll help you prepare a well stocked pantry and tell you what necessities you need.

We talk about having a plan to stay in touch with others. We discuss self defense techniques. We’ll learn about Natural Disasters like Tornadoes, Floods, Hurricanes, and Earthquakes plus help you prepare for Electrical Power Outages, Food Shortages, and most other emergencies that could come your way.

my Emergency will show you what it really means to be prepared and how everyone can create their own effective and simple plan.

The time to prepare is before something happens not during or afterwards. We encourage you to learn, plan, and prepare today with my Emergency

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