The topic of Firearms and their use is a serious and often contentious issue. Despite many attempts by anti-gun lobbyists, firearm ownership in the United States is a Constitutional right and this right was reaffirmed by the Supreme Court of the United States on June 26, 2008. In addition, citizens of many countries, including the United States believe they have a God given right to defend themselves and this is our position as well.

We believe that every human being is entitled to defend themselves and in many cases, this may require the use of some sort of tool. Firearms in their most basic sense are simply tools. Since their invention they were intended to help accomplish some sort of task such as providing food, or protection for example.

Firearms have played a major role in people’s lives throughout history and granted, not all for the good. Without them however, our world could even be a more hostile and deadly place than it already is.

Often times the threat of using deadly force against an attacker is enough of a deterrent to stop a bad guy. Think about this; if you were attacked, or someone broke into your home, could you defend yourself with your hands? What if they were armed and you weren’t, how do you think that would go?

Let’s start by discussing Firearm ownership. Just because you CAN own a gun, doesn’t mean you should. Why is this? Because if you cannot mentally and physically handle the responsibilities then you are probably better off without one.

If you decide you can handle the responsibility and are willing to devote time to learning gun safety, the next step is for you to research your local and state firearms laws so that you know your rights.

Many people are already familiar with firearms for recreational use and well as self defense. Many more learn and become gun owners every year. Firearms and ammunition sales have skyrocketed since the current administration came into office as many citizens are concerned this administration will have an agenda of anti-gun legislation.

So should you own a gun? Let’s try to look at the big picture first. None of us wants any more unnecessary crime or violence than we already have in the world. Think about this though; criminals are always going to obtain and use weapons such as firearms. If law-abiding citizens are prohibited from legally owning and using firearms to protect themselves and their property, who’s going to win, the criminal or the law abiding citizen?

That’s a good example of common sense because the answer is so simple and logical. With this in mind, how can we even consider trying to pass laws that would prevent citizens from being able to protect themselves?

Yes firearms are dangerous. Yes they can be deadly. Yes people have used them to commit horrendous crimes but ask yourself this; did any firearm ever harm someone by itself? The answer is no. People kill people, guns are simply tools and just as lots of other things, they can end up in the wrong hands. Taking guns away from law abiding people however doesn’t reduce crime and there are volumes of research and statistics to prove this fact.

Now let’s talk about how you decide on gun ownership. You’ll have to be honest with yourself when asking these questions. Let’s assume you are of sound mind, have no substance abuse issues, and you are not a convicted felon. In that case, you can probably purchase a firearm.

Are you willing to seek out and sign up for a firearms safety and training class? Are you able to safely keep your firearm in your home or business where nobody else can get to it? And finally, in an emergency, could you actually use a gun against someone else if your life or the life of someone else was being threatened? This last question is extremely important because there is no point in owning a gun if when it came right down to it, you couldn’t use it to defend yourself or others.

If you answered positively to the above questions, you can seriously consider purchasing a firearm for self defense. If you have any doubts, or answered no to these questions, Do not purchase a firearm. Instead, choose another method of self defense. See the Self Defense Techniques page

If you have decided to buy a gun for recreation or self defense, you’ll want to do some research on what kind to get. We suggest you visit your local gun shop(s) and start asking questions. You’ll find them eager to help you learn and an invaluable source of knowledge. They will help you determine what kind, what size, and what caliber is best for you and your particular situation. Be sure to ask them about safety and training classes that you can sign up for and check out The National Rifle Association’s Programs

If you know a gun enthusiast, ask their opinion. Research the reviews and ratings of individual firearm models online. Visit the gun manufacturer’s websites.

If you do decide to become a firearm owner, you can never forget these two things;

1) Firearms Safety – learn it, practice it, live it, teach others.

2) Responsible Gun Ownership – YOU are responsible for anything that happens with that gun. Guns aren’t toys so respect them. Store them safely out of reach of anyone else. Practice using them. Clean them and care for them and they’ll give you many years of dependable service.

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