Personal Safety

The personal safety of yourself and your family should always be of concern to you. Just as we need food water and shelter to survive, we must also be prepared for any criminal act or intrusion into our lives that may come along.

Here are some safety tips to consider;

As with any preparedness plan, self defense and the protection of our loved ones is a priority. It starts with considering our surroundings wherever we happen to be and also thinking about the safety of our homes, workplaces, and schools.

Think about your normal traffic routes. Do you drive through dangerous areas? If your car broke down would you be able to protect yourself?

Be aware of your surroundings at all times. In times of civil unrest or natural disaster, use extra care when traveling. Always be looking for the risks in any situation. Always be prepared to the best of your ability.

Make sure your home is secure. Have deadbolts for each outside entry door. Secure window-well covers to prevent an intruder from gaining access to your basement. Use track locks or a stick or rod to secure sliding glass doors. Keep your doors and windows locked, day and night. Unfortunately this is necessary these days. Many unauthorized entries and home invasions could be prevented if we just remember to keep our doors locked. Know that many burglaries occur during the daytime so don't get careless about your safety.

Remove the garage door track engagement rope. Burglars can sometimes push in at the outside middle-top of the garage door and then grab the door release rope to gain access to your garage.

Keep all windows securely locked. Don’t leave ground floor windows open at night. Think personal safety at all times.

Don’t open the door for anyone you don’t immediately recognize. Ask utility workers and others to show identification before opening the door.

Don’t say you are not home on your voicemail message or answering machine. Say you are busy and can't come to the phone right now. Consider forwarding your home phone to your mobile device when you leave.

Use timers on lights inside the home when you are gone for any period of time.

Tell your neighbors you will keep an eye out for their home and ask them to do the same for you at all times, not just when you are out of town.

Make sure all neighbors have each others names addresses and phone numbers in case of emergency. Consider exchanging house keys with one trusted neighbor.

If you have any home-health or other alarm monitoring system, give the monitoring company a trusted neighbors name and telephone number for them to contact in an emergency.

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